April 14, 2012


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Above is a screenshot of a comment left on my post Milo Shake by a nasty reader [probably from Australia] looking for Milo Shake recipe. My recipe doesn't have ice cream. Why does he/she have to call me names for his/her own reading comprehension disability. People nowadays are rude and leave nasty comments on blogs, never revealing themselves by commenting as anonymous. Thank goodness for comments moderation and spam folder where this comment now resides. I have several of those which interestingly all came from Filipinos, one from the Midwest USA added pweh (act of spitting) on a fish dish cooked in sherry wine sauce. These people should get a life or hobby other than being blog trolls.

Here is the recipe guide the nasty one called me an idiot for. There is no ice cream anywhere in the recipe. So who's the idiot now? Sheesh!

Milo Shake
6 tablespoons Milo malted powder
3 tablespoons cold sweetened condensed milk
2½ cups cold whole milk
3 tablespoons cold heavy cream
1½ cups ice cubes
Milo malted powder for topping
  • In a blender, blend on high all the ingredients, except the Milo for topping, until thick and frothy. Pour into 2 tall glasses. Top each glass with 2 tablespoons of Milo. Sit back and enjoy your shake.


chef_d said...

I really don't understand people who need to call names instead of asking properly.

JMom said...

They really need to get a life! I just delete those and go on. You're doing something that many of them are not able to do. Inggit lang sila :)

Oggi said...

Chef D and JMom,

I've had enough of these people who think we owe them a "perfect recipe". Some of them also made fun of comments made by my blogger friends by playing grammar police or simply insulting them. Before spam folder was added by blogger, I just erased those.

Kayni said...

yes, those comments belong to the trash. i also get those. i got one correcting my use of words. it is annoying but i think these people are just jealous and have nothing to do with their lives.

sorry, i haven't been visiting. i'm in my second semester of grad school and barely have time to blog and visit blogs. i do consult your blog for recipes to try. by the way, i just can't get the ensemayda recipe right :(. i tried the loaf version you had and it didn't come out right. i'd have to keep doing it, until i get it right.

stay well.

ray said...

I usually just erase them and list their IP address, or email (if it's even real) as banned. Just ignore and erase.

cusinera said...

It is irritating ano? That person can't read and have the balls to say something negative which by the way reflects what kind of intellect he/she has. Ang bastos naman noong "pweh", so rude!

Oggi said...

I agree, they're just jealous. Hope you do great both in school and baking.:)

I used to just delete but now I "keep" them in the spam folder. This person came back to check if his comment was posted, so I wrote this post for him.:)

Althea, I know, and you have your share of these pests crawling on your blog too. LOL
Yeah, the one who said pweh is the most rude, unbelievable!

Juliana said...

Oggi, do not get upset...it is not worth your time and effort...I usually trash of place in the spam folder :)

ut-man said...

I do also received a lot of these kind of comments, just mark as spam and delete, there are more thankful readers that keep us going…

Oggi said...

Juliana and Noel, thanks.:)

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