December 20, 2009

The Inconvenient Blizzard of 2009

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Blizzard 2009
global warming has visited Ashburn, VA and the rest of the Eastern USA/sarc

total snowfall in Ashburn: 20 - 21.5 inches


Amber said...

pretty blizzard pics!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the photos...all I can think of is goodluck clearing the walk and driveway. Wow!, that is a lot of work.


caninecologne said...

wow - that snow looks so beautiful (to this southern calif. gal) but i don't think i could stand shoveling it or being in cold weather!

oggi said...

Amber, thanks.:)

Cel and R, we were lucky(?) the snow was the dry and powdery kind that you can't form into a snowball but very good for ski resorts. It wasn't hard at all to shovel as long as it was done before it becomes icy and wet.

I love the cold weather and don't mind it.:)

Juliana said...

Happy New Year Oggi, hope you had a nice holiday season in spite of the blizzard... the pictures are so nice :-)although I do not do well in cold weather...

oggi said...

Juliana, the upside is we had white Christmas and New Year's Day. There are some leftover tall-ish mounds of snow on both sides of our driveway.:)

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