February 15, 2009

I Love The 80s

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When the husband joined Facebook late last year, several of his cousins emailed photos of them together when they were small kids. One photo caught my eye, the pose is very similar to a picture of my children with one of their cousins. I browsed our photo albums, found the picture I was looking for and inevitably of myself in 80s clothing which caused my daughter to giggle endlessly. Although I would like to forget I ever wore gigantic parachute (MC Hammer) and high waist flood-length pants, tops in primary colors with poufy raglan sleeves, men's cut blazer with humongous shoulder pads, cropped jacket with ¾ sleeves, and the largest Swatches I could find, I love the awesomely cheesy 80s fashion and music. I have in my iPod an 80s music selection mostly by British bands like Tears For Fears, Spandau Ballet, and Culture Club with Boy George (eek!). And three of my top favorite movies were made in the 1980s: Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, and A Room With A View which I used to watch once a week.;-)

I Love the 80s
New York City, February 1987, with one of the guys in our tour group

About those red Reebok leather trainers on the photo, they were newly bought in Seoul, South Korea which was the first leg of our tour. A friend who was scheduled to join me in Los Angeles gave me cash to buy 5 pairs for her sister's family. She said it was popular in the US at the time. I owned 2 pairs of rubber trainers, one for running and one for aerobics but never wore them to go anywhere outside the house which it is still true today. But I couldn't resist buying the red mid-top Reeboks and got me a second pair in white. I wore them a few more times in the Philippines but was not comfortable being seen wearing trainers at the mall or cinema. Anyway, the 7 pairs of shoes travelled from Korea to New York and across the United States; I lugged them to Philadelphia to visit friends, then Dallas and Longview, Texas where my in-laws lived, before finally uniting the 5 pairs with their owners in Los Angeles. Filipinos are like that, we couldn't say no to friends who ask to bring something for them from the Philippines to the US and bring back stuff to the Philippines from the US, regardless of their weight or bulk.:-)

a few of 80s music in my iPod
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - tears for fears
Video Killed The Radio Star - buggles
China Girl - david bowie
White Wedding - billy idol
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - culture club
How Soon Is Now - the smiths
True - spandau ballet
Hold Me Now - the thompson twins
Head Over Heels - tears for fears
Love My Way- the psychedelic furs
Blue Monday - new order
Turning Japanese - the vapors

favorite movies of the 80s
Sixteen Candles
Pretty In Pink
A Room With A View
Breakfast Club
Blade Runner
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Say Anything

And the most memorable food of the 80s for me is quiche, this delicious egg and cheese pie.

Spinach And Feta Mini Quiche
spinach, mushrooms, feta, and Gruyere quiche

Crustless Mini Pizza Quiche
crustless pizza quiche with mini pepperoni, mushrooms, and parmesan


Sidney said...

How can't we love the 80s... we were 25 years younger... ;-)

caninecologne said...

hi oggi!!! loved this post! i loved and still love the 80's - bad hair and all. i'm too embarassed to post my photos. i graduated high school in '87 (had my 20 year reunion 2 years ago), yikes.

your ipod list is what i would put on my numerous cd compilations (remember making mixed tapes?) and your fave movies are exactly like mine (except Blade Runner). well, you know the title of my blog says it all about my love for 80's movies. thanks for a trip down memory lane! :)

oggi said...

Sidney, that too!:)

Caninecologne, my daughter was urging me to post the one of me wearing hammer slacks. I said no way, that was really embarassing!:D
I'm happy to hear you like he same songs.:)

caninecologne said...

wow, you had hammer parachute pants. i used to rip up my levi's and sew the legs in to make them tighter (early 80's). then in the mid 80's, i would make the bottom hem tight by folding it over and tuckin in the cuff. nice huh. no one would be caught dead back then in bell bottom jeans.

Paula Maack said...

What a cute photo, Oggi! I love it! Great hair!!!

Oh, the 80's. I just posted last night on crab canapes (tres 80s!) for OSCAR night, and when I ate them I felt like it was the 80s all over again! I should've had your soundtrack going!

I love The Smiths - especially How Soon is Now!!! And, Blade Runner is one of my favorites, too! My daughter and husband are crazy about all the 80s films on your list, so I see them often, and enjoy them.

My favorite food line from an 80s film - one you didn't mention: Heathers (my husbands all-time favorite of the genre) goes... "great pate, gotta motor," and was delivered by Winona Rider. Do you know that one?

I think quiche, pate and croissant sandwiches are all tied for the number one 80s food. And, Perrier was the #1 beverage. We were major Francofiles back then, weren't we?

Thanks for the fun read and great photos!


~ Paula

oggi said...

Paula, yes I remember Perrier, hahaha. I recently made a very yummy pate but have not blogged about it nor taken any photographs of it.:)

Anonymous said...


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