June 4, 2008

Music To Drown My Misery By

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Aimee Mann's new CD accurately describes myself today: feeling bleah

I was greeted early this morning by the newspaper's large photo of a grinning Barry Hussein Obama and his icky purple gums and I got depressed because I just realized there is no one to vote for come November*sigh*. I don't like him and I can't stand the other guy with a nuts-in-cheeks-squirrel face who was an Iraq war cheerleader for you-know-who. My friend has a term for this dilemma: who should I shove or who should I kick (in Tagalog: wala kang itulak o sipain instead of wala kang itulak o kabigin). I guess I'll just write Hillary's name on the ballot or someone should start a petition to urge Senator Jim Webb to run as an Independent candidate.

Anyway, I'm already in an angsty mood and decided to drown my misery listening to my newly acquired music CDs which both have depressing and bleak aura, but beautiful music nonetheless.

@#%&*! SMILERS Aimee Mann A++
Another superb album by my most favorite musician. She can just hum in her CDs and I'll still rate it A++. And the title and artwork are so accurate as to how I feel about the @#%&*! (purple gum) smiler.:-)

THIRD Portishead A++
After 11 years they finally came out with this new CD which has a different sound from their usual trip-hop style. Beth Gibson's voice is still beautiful and haunting, perfect with the melancholy lyrics and wonderful instruments. Instant favorites: The Rip and We Carry On.


Dhanggit said...

oh my dear oggi, i know exactly how you feel..i had the same feeling during last years french presidential election: hahaha the choice between sarkozy and royal was really really hard.if the choice is none of the above..

cheer up friend, it gives you reason to eat chocolate

oggi said...

Dhanggit, yup I'm wallowing in misery and extremely dark chocolate cakes and candies.:D

Dhanggit said...

hehehe can i join you wallowing your misery with these chocos and candies???

oggi said...

Dhanggit, please join me!:)

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