April 24, 2008

Dale's Ribs

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Grilled Pork Ribs with Tandoori Seasoning
Grilled Pork Ribs with Tandoori /seasoning

The winner of last week's Top Chef elimination challenge was Dale Talde, a Filipino sous chef in a New York City restaurant. The challenge was to prepare barbecue for the Chicago Bears tailgaters. Dale's winning recipe is a tandoori style pork ribs. He originally wanted chicken wings but another cheftestant bought all the chicken wings so he chose pork ribs but kept his original idea of tandoori. Many party goers including former players and all the judges loved the ribs. I was almost drooling while watching them eat.

I adapted his recipe for 12 racks of pork ribs which is for a huge crowd. I did some calculations for the amount of ribs I have and I was so happy the seasonings came out perfect. I also marinated the ribs overnight and broiled them in the oven because I was too lazy to light the charcoal, which didn't matter because the ribs are yummy to the max. Dale deserves the win. His ribs are superb, we all love it. I like that he poached the ribs in seasoned water before marinating, resulting in very tender and flavorful ribs.


Sidney said...

I think I can do this... lets try it out this weekend!
I just have to remember I put them in the oven ! ;-)

raissa said...

Dale's ribs did look delicious and now that you have tried, theres more proof. I want to try his version of halo halo as well. That was a nice shout out to halo-halo woohoo

oggi said...

Yay, Sidney is going to cook!:)

Raissa, I already bookmarked his halo halo, it's a little bit complicated but very interesting, and I have almost all the ingredients. Although the halo halo didn't win the quick fire challenge I'm glad he introduced something Filipino to his repertoire. I'm liking him more and more, let's hope he wins, he's very talented and creative.:)
BTW, once I made one of my son's friends (an all American white boy) try halo halo. He took a few bites and left it almost full, he thought it was the strangest food he has ever eaten.:)

Brilynn said...

Those look amazing! I love ribs!

raissa said...

I am liking Dale more and more too. I hope he wins. He is indeed very talented and creative. My top 3 are Dale, Richard and Stephanie. I was so happy that he introduced something Filipino and for him when dessert is mentioned, hands down its halo halo. He and Richard work well together. Just being professionals considering they are each other's strongest competitor.

oggi said...

Brilynn, you'll love this recipe!

Raissa, I also think those 3 are the most talented.

Marvin said...

I also checked out his recipe for halo halo. It does seem very involved, but I liked how he used Rice Krispies in place of pinipig;)

oggi said...

Marvin, I like that he's very creative...halo-halo can have anything anyway so I'm giving his recipe 2 thumbs up.:)

Karen said...

Does anyone have the original recipe? I can no longer find it on Bravo's website, and would really like to try it out for the Super Bowl!

oggi said...


Sorry I didn't write down the recipe...and I can't remember the ingredients for the marinade. All I recall is he poached the ribs first in water seasoned with spices, sugar, and vinegar [I'm not too sure about the seasonings] before grilling the ribs.

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