February 14, 2008

A Sweet Heart

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

nougat with macadamia nuts and candied pomelo rind

I learned today that dhanggit of dhanggit's kitchen has given me the Nice Matters award and it made me forget the series of very minor unfortunate events that happened to me yesterday. First I slipped and fell on my tush on black ice which is the most treacherous of all the winter evils. I had a few scratches and a slight pain on my right arm but otherwise I'm fine. I just had to change my pants because the right side got soaked. The second one was when I was about to eat lunch. I reheated in the microwave the quail eggs with Thai sauce and when I pierced the egg ever so slightly it burst and luckily only messed up my shirt, so I changed my shirt because it had egg yolk all over it, imagine if it was regular egg or ostrich egg! The last slightly unfortunate event was the nougat sweet heart. When I bit into it, it was oozingly soft and did not feel like nougat or turron. I knew right away that the culprit is my candy thermometer. It didn't register the correct temperature when I compared it with a new one I just bought. I made another batch and will use the "failed" one for ice cream.

Thank you dhanggit for making me happy today, you are indeed a sweetheart. Now, it is my turn to give this award to two of my favorite bloggers who truly deserve it: joey of 80 breakfasts and christine of ramblings of a gypsy soul. Joey makes everything sound so appealing, example: I made granola which I was not a fan of before and now have been eating it regularly after reading about it in her blog. Christine satisfies my being an armchair traveller with her excellent writing, the food articles and recipes are a bonus when reading her posts.


Dhanggit said...

big kisses from kitchen oggi and my warmest message of love, happy valentine's day!!

btw, what a beautiful and delicious way of showing your love

oggi said...

thanks dhanggit! happy heart day too!-)

Sidney said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you are fine now! Ice can be treacherous and dangerous.
I hate snow, ice and cold!

oggi said...

Happy V Day Sidney!
And thanks. I'm okay, no bruises, just a broken fingernail and a few scratches on my hands.
Snow is not so bad, rain on frozen roads/walks (black ice) on the other hand is terrible and dangerous. The emergency vans and rooms all over the Washington D.C. area had a very busy Wednesday.

christine said...

Aww Oggi, you're too sweet!! Thank you so much for the honor. :) You know you're one of my favorites too, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you are a wonder woman in the kitchen! Thanks again, I'm truly flattered and this made my Monday feel like a Friday! :)

joey said...

Oh my! You are really a sweetheart and this made my day :) Thanks so much! I am super-duper tickled pink :) I love the name pa naman of this award -- Nice Matters :) So true...it really does matter!

oggi said...

christine and joey, you and of course dhanggit are the bloggers I admire the most.:)

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