December 5, 2007

My First Meme


This is the first time I got tagged for a meme, thanks to Marvin of Burnt Lumpia.:)

What were you cooking/baking 10 years ago?
I'm having a senior moment and can't recall that far back but I know what I did not bake 10 years ago: pan de sal and loaf breads of any kind. I was a lousy bread baker then. I have made very good cookies and cakes but struggled for many years with bread baking and simply gave up.

What were you cooking/baking one year ago?
I picked up bread baking again, this time using the ube pandesal recipe from the Filipino cookbook Memories of Philippine Kitchens and to my utter surprise it turned out great. From then on I got the confidence and started baking other breads with great success, with the help from cookbooks and the web.

Five snacks you enjoy:

  1. Adobo Spanish peanuts with red seedless grapes or sliced pears
  2. Chilled Milkyway chocolate bar
  3. Fuji apples, alone or with sliced Manchego cheese
  4. Barquillos
  5. Triscuits topped with chorizo paté
Five recipes you know by heart:
  1. Chicken and pork adobo
  2. Any sinigang
  3. Fabada
  4. Thai minced chicken with basil
  5. Chinese Ma-Po bean curd
Five culinary luxuries you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:
  1. I will have only one entry: buy an airplane so I could go wherever and whenever I feel like, say, Korean Stuffed Baby Chicken In Broth.
Five dishes you love to cook/bake:
  1. Paella
  2. Pinaupong manok
  3. Any dish with Longaniza and Spanish chorizo
  4. Thai cuisine
  5. Silvanas and Sans Rival Cake
Five dishes you cannot/will not eat:
None, I'll eat anything that is considered food.

Five favorite culinary toys:
  1. Krups The Butcher Shop (for sausage making)
  2. Bamboo steamer
  3. Japanese santoku knives
  4. Soehnle electronic kitchen scale
  5. Microplane zester/grater
Five dishes for your "last meal" menu:
  1. Japanese muskmelon and prosciutto
  2. Sopa de mariscos
  3. Chicken and pork adobo with plenty of steamed rice
  4. Braised baby lobster, Hong Kong style
  5. Marrons glacés and endless cups of Italian espresso (not Starbucks, please!)
Five happy food memories:
  1. My first sip of ice cold Coke when I was 4 years old
  2. When I was little, awaiting the weekend for my Lolo's pasalubong of a bar of chocolate, a small bag of adobo peanuts, and a small box of raisins: the original fruit and nuts chocolate combo
  3. When I was 6, together with my older sister, we peddled bananacues on our street to help out my godmother's family and because we thought it was cool to sell stuff. We got an earful from our Dad but were so happy with the payment of a skewer each of the yummy bananacue.
  4. Munching on the most sour greenest unripe Indian mango halves topped with alamang everyday while walking home from school
  5. I'm not sure if this is considered happy, it is more comedic, really. On my first trip to Singapore with the H, we went to an open air eatery, got our food, went to a table, and then a very thin Indian man in a white dress approached us mumbling something. We waved him away thinking he was a beggar. We realized we did not have drinks, the H went back to the counter to buy Cokes and the man asked why didn't we tell the thin guy in white we wanted drinks when he asked. We were so embarrassed and apologized to the guy. We later learned that begging is illegal in Singapore.
I am passing this meme to Ruy, Dhanggit, and Raissa. They shouldn't feel obligated to participate, though. I'm also inviting anyone who would like to try it, I enjoyed playing this game a lot.:-)


Marvin said...

Great answers oggi. I'm glad you enjoyed the meme. And I've always wondered about that ube pandesal recipe from the "Memories" cookbook. Now that it has your approval, perhaps I will give it a try;) But I'm not much of a baker either.

oggi said...

Thanks Marvin. I honestly did enjoy answering them, specially the 'happy food memories' category!.:)

About the ube pandesal, you should increase the liquid's temperature to at least 120°F, otherwise the yeast might not work with the very low temperature the book recommends.

Anonymous said...

hi can you share your pinaupong manok recipe, thanks.-)

Ruy said...

Hey Oggi! Entertaining post.
Will try to get to mine ASAP. I love the questions and I definitely wanna answer this meme.=)

raissa said...

I love eating those green, unripe indian mangoes myself. Okay my mouth is watering hahaha

thanks for the tag, will do this meme soon

raissa said...

already answered it ;)

oggi said...

Zee, I'll post the recipe another day. Check back next week.:)

Thanks Ruy. That's good to know and will check your blog soon.:)

Raissa, I can't find these mangoes here in Virginia...I really miss them.
Oh, yay! Will be reading it in a few.:)

Dhanggit said...

i enjoyed reading your meme..thanks for tagging the way, I LOVE THAT MISWA banner you've got.;its looks soo good :-)

oggi said...

Dhanggit, the miswa photo is a spicy Malaysian version of our Filipino miswa and I love them both. They have exactly the same ingredients, except for the spices.

raissa said...

I cant find them here in So. Cal as well but I did see an ad for it in one Indian grocery but I was just passing through. Plus, I am not too sure if we (grocery and me) are talking about the same thing

oggi said...

raissa, the Indian and Pakistani groceries I've been to don't have fresh produce. I should look for a bigger one. Thanks for the tip.:)

Sidney said...

You really amaze me... I already struggle when I have to cook an egg...

oggi said...

Sidney, it took me several years of trial and error in cooking/baking before I became confident in the kitchen.:)

connie said...

I am very impressed about your cooking ability especially with filipino treats and baked goods.
I am seriously looking to open a coffee and baked goods business. I used to own a bakery before featuring some filipino baked goods but primarily an Irish bakery. I have specialty with European gourment cookies. Would you like to be a partner to open this business? I hope you will be interested or be a consultant maybe? I am looking to convert all my baked goods with some sugar free cookies or used organic ingredients.
Please e-mail me back if you will be interested at or call me at 908 500 8979

oggi said...

Thanks Connie. I will send you an email.

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