April 9, 2007

Sorbet, Ice Cream, Pastillas de Leche, & Peeps!

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Pineapple Sorbet
fresh pineapple sorbet with rum

It's ice cream season! Actually we have ice cream all year round, I just didn't have freezer space the last few months. But with my new ice cream book, David Lebovitz' THE PERFECT SCOOP (psst, go buy a copy, it's the only ice cream cookbook you'll ever need), I have to make room in my freezer, or I will get a compact upright freezer just for ice cream, cakes and dessert. ;D

Coffee Ice Cream and Mangosteen Preserves
coffee ice cream topped with mangosteen preserves, I missed you so!

Pastillas de Leche
pastillas de leche, recipe here

My Peeps
and, they're disgustingly sweet but I gotta have my peeps!


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