January 31, 2007

Green Garbanzos

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Green Garbanzos

I went to Trader Joe's to get a jar of morello cherries and some frozen artichoke hearts and found these frozen green garbanzos (chickpeas). I'm always on the look out for new produce or food items in the groceries and these caught my eye. The packet label says it is high in fiber and protein. I would have preferred fresh, not frozen but these green garbanzos are very new here where I live, and I think the fresh ones are only available in California where they are grown (of course), I'll take these frozen ones, they're good enough for me. I boiled one packet and was undecided if I should make it into hummus as suggested by some internet sites. I ended up just drizzling them with extra virgin olive oil, a little garlic powder, salt, and lemon & herb seasoning. It has a mild sweet herby taste and I love it! I will make hummus with the other packet later this week. One of the strangest produce I saw last week is called buddha's hand or fingers, a fruit that belongs to the citrus family. I didn't buy it though, it's just too weird looking. :)

Strange Produce

And when I saw a package of figs in chocolate I just couldn't resist. Figs plus dark chocolate, what's not to love? I am a fig fiend (as my daughter would say), I love figs in any form: fresh during summer, dried are fine too, preserved whole in syrup, and in jams, either dark or greenish, but my favorite is the fresh Italian honey variety, they are to-die for!



Linda said...

ive never seen green garbanzo beans before! ill definitely have to go to TJ's and find myself some now!

oggi said...

linda, these will definitely show up regularly at our dinner table, they're really good.

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